More and more medical practices and healthcare providers are now opting to outsource their transcription needs to professional companies. Because by outsourcing their transcription work, they can save on their time, money, and resources and at the same time focus purely on what really matters the most – patient care. Are you looking to hire a medical transcription company? Well, there are many out there. But not all these companies are worthy of your money and your time as well.

To help you with choosing the right service provider for your transcription requirements, here’s a quick guide on what to look for in medical transcription services.

  1. Experience: First and foremost of all make sure that the transcription company you have chosen has the relevant experience and the capability to meet your specific transcription requirements. The more experienced the company, the better results it can provide. Reading reviews and client testimonials can also help you find a trustworthy and credible partner.
  2. Accuracy: Look for a transcription company that guarantees an accuracy level not below the accepted industry norm of 98%. Most transcription services deliver proofreading as part of their service. Make sure to choose the transcription provider that undertakes be proofread to catch errors and fix it before the document is returned. The more oversight, the fewer the mistakes.
  3. Pricing: Make sure the price is affordable and well within your budget. Get to know the standard transcription rates prevailing in the industry.  Request quotes and compare the prices for several different service providers. Make sure there are no hidden costs. Choose the one that strikes a perfect balance of quality and pricing, without cutting corners to reduce costs.
  4. Good turnaround time: Choose a service provider that offers a turnaround time that meets your requirements. They should help you save time and improve efficiency. Generally, reputed providers offer standard 24 hour TAT, 12 hour TAT and STAT options.
  5. HIPAA compliant: Make sure the medical transcription company is 100% HIPAA compliant. Established transcription companies adhere to HIPAA guidelines to ensure security and confidentiality when it comes to handling patient sensitive data.
  6. Quality Assurance: Make sure to choose a medical transcription provider who offers multi-level quality assurance checks. Most professional companies provide a three –tier quality control model carried out by skilled proofreaders, editors and quality analysts to ensure superior quality transcripts.
  7. Customer Support: The technical support staff should be available 24/7 to answer queries and resolve issues, if any. Having responsive and knowledgeable customer support goes a long way in establishing a good relationship.
  8. Client services agreement: Read the customer service agreement carefully. Stick to short term contracts. This will help you switch to another provider if you are not satisfied with the current services. Don’t lock yourself with long-term contracts. However, if you are satisfied with their services, contracts can be renewed as needed.


Choosing the right transcription service provider could be a little tricky.  However, taking into consideration the above factors could help you choose the right one instead of ending up wasting your time and money on substandard transcription services.

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