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Welcome to the Global Medical Scribe Society

The Global Medical Scribe Society is an industry collaborative initiative to promote and share valuable insights on Medical Scribing.

Explore and get to know the emerging industry trends and best practice guidelines! Gain insights on the right service providers, the latest in scribing software, affordable scribe training programs, active scribe job openings near you, and much more.

Scribe Society keeps you up to date on the latest industry news, emerging technologies, most in-demand skills, hiring trends, and upcoming events. Keep an eye out for our latest blogs. We curate blog posts on innovations and developments in the medical scribe industry, cover topics regarding medical scribe services for healthcare providers, provide resources for medical scribes, and much more.

Get set to discover the great new world of Medical Scribing!

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Industry Collaborators

We believe in a culture of collaboration that fosters success. We are not just here to grow our business we are here for each other. We aim to encourage scribing companies across the globe to reach their business goals and build a roadmap for continued success, ensuring our industry collaborators benefit from a collaboration with us. Join
us and grow with us!

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Medical Scribe Service Providers

Are you on the lookout for a trusted Medical scribe service provider to resolve EMR charting challenges and improve the quality of patient care? Your search ends here! You can choose from our list of reliable service providers that best suits your practice and scribing needs.

Avail top-notch services at highly affordable prices! Pick yours from the list of best-in-class scribing service providers who have a proven track record of providing fast, accurate and HIPAA compliant services.

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Find Highly Skilled Scribes

Are you a healthcare provider looking to cut down on administrative workload and free up more time for patient care? Read on.

If you have been thinking about hiring a certified scribe to handle your documentation needs, you have come to the right place. Take advantage of highly skilled and competent scribes to slash your administrative workload by half. Get set to find the scribe that perfectly fits your practice’s needs and workflow.