The main purpose of Electronic Health Records is to help physicians make patient care and record-keeping more efficient. However, many physicians are not happy with the EHRs. According to a report by the InformationWeek most physicians are dissatisfied with the usability of the software and feel it “as draining rather than enhancing their productivity”. The reason being EHR could be difficult if they don’t have the time, training, and experience to operate the software effectively and properly. Well, if you are a healthcare provider struggling with EHR, there is help. There are many transcription companies out there that provide EHR integration with medical transcription services to help physicians to complete documentation tasks and improve their productivity.

Let us in the article discuss the immense benefits of integrating medical transcription services with the EHR system.

  • Saves time: No matter how familiar you are with the EHR, it is difficult to quickly type patient notes when talking to the patient about their health and specific condition. If you are using the dictation systems, then a medical transcription service can transcribe what’s being said and enter all relevant information into the discrete fields of the EHR. This helps you save time and focus on patient care.
  • Greater accuracy: A medical transcription company providing EHR integrated services help you not only in getting your documents faster, but also more accurately.  In addition to transcribing, the medical transcription companies also perform a quality check to ensure they are error-free. However, a physician while typing notes quickly, is likely to make a few errors within the documentation, which could adversely affect patient care.
  • Better patient care: Speedy, accurate and complete documentation is the key to providing better care. When the documentation is precise and complete it helps to plan and evaluate the patient’s treatment accordingly. Physicians instead of spending time on entering data get to spend more direct face time with patients, ultimately improving patient care.
  • Lesser workload: Working with the EHR system has made physicians spend hours documenting, thus limiting their time with patients. EHR integration helps busy physicians reduce documentation overload and optimize their workflow. They need not spend endless hours documenting rather take on more patients.
  • Better productivity: Profitable practice is all about productivity. EHR integration helps in relieving the documentation burden, allowing physicians to add more patients to their schedule. Seeing more patients improves practice productivity and revenue.
  • Faster reimbursements: Processing of claims and reimbursements poses a problem in almost every practice. Integrating EHR with medical transcription solves this problem. Accurate records and bills are needed for faster reimbursements. With the accurate medical records generated by the medical transcription providers there is no question of delayed payments.


For many physicians, sitting at their computer and typing notes during a patient visit is not only time-consuming but, also makes them feel it detracts from providing quality care. The best thing to do is to integrate EHR with the medical transcription service. With EHR integration you will be able to reduce documentation overload and take on more patients. After all, more patients equals more revenue for the practice, a win-win for everyone!

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