Much has changed within the Medical Transcription industry. Automated Speech Recognition has made a significant stride in recent years and plays a prominent role in the healthcare documentation process. Even though it has enabled the delivery of fast and affordable transcripts of any volume will it ever match or replace human transcription? Well, let us in this article walk you through this relatively new technology to find out if it can outperform trained ears and skilled hands in the medical transcription industry.

What is Automated Speech Recognition Software?

ASR is a relatively new technology that helps to process human speech and convert it into text. The ASR software is designed in such a way that it can transform a sequence of sound waves into a string of words in just a matter of seconds. The audio recordings received from physicians are fed into this software. The software processes interpret, and converts the audio recordings into text, to facilitate easy storage and access of medical records.

ASR allows for cheaper rates and faster turnarounds

ASR is a relatively cheap transcription solution. It’s an ideal option for those with basic transcription needs and a limited budget. With the use of ASR high-quality transcription software, you can definitely expect a faster turnaround time. Meaning you can opt for ASR when your deadlines are short and budgets are tight!

ASR falls short when it comes to accuracy and quality

As it is one of the cheapest solutions, you cannot expect the level of accuracy that you need. However, you get what you pay for. ASR works best only for good-quality audio files. If the audio quality is poor, or there is background noise it will result in less accurate transcripts. So, you will have to hire transcriptionists to go through the transcripts and fix the errors. At the end of the day, nothing can beat human ears and skilled hands.


It’s an undeniable fact that speech recognition software has taken the medical world by storm. But, if accuracy and quality are your priorities, then human touch isn’t an option, it’s vital. If you are debating whether to use a machine or a human, the answer is simple: it all depends on your transcription needs. Although speech recognition technology has improved dramatically over the last decade, it can no way match the human transcriptionist in terms of accuracy and quality.

Furthermore, studies also support that a human touch to edit and review is critical to turn the transcript into an accurate and complete healthcare record. We at Scribe4Me have a big pool of 500+ skilled and experienced transcriptionists who work round-the-clock to ensure rapid turnarounds and flawless transcripts, at unbeatable prices. We offer both 100% professional human transcription services as well as high-end ASR Software services with excellent speech recognition capabilities. Choose the one that suits your transcription needs!

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