Medical Scribe Service Providers

Our Top Picks for 2022

Physicians Angels

Industry’s First Virtual Scribe Company

Physicians Angels provide one-of-a-kind EMR data management services to healthcare providers through our real-time virtual scribe service. In 2007, we introduced the medical community to the first true virtual scribe service, and have continued to innovate ever since. Our virtual scribe service is designed to free clinicians from the burdensome requirements of EMR documentation and allow them to focus on patients instead of notes.

Our virtual scribes work from our HIPAA-compliant facility and manage your patient data in your EMR in real-time. Our scribes receive extensive training across multiple medical disciplines. They are familiar with the terminology and clinical context to ensure consistently accurate charting. Each physician is also paired with an experienced, reliable scribe, with backups always in place to cover scheduling gaps. You can pick any EMR of your choice. We are built to serve and equipped to work within whatever EMR you’re most comfortable using.

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Pioneers in High-Quality Medical Scribing/Transcription Solutions at Unbelievable Prices!

Scribe4Me has been a leading Medical Scribe service provider / Transcription Solutions to clients across the United States since 2007. Our team of highly trained and experienced 500+ personnel work round-the-clock to ensure rapid turnarounds and flawless transcripts, at unbeatable prices. As an industry leader, we are committed to delivering low-cost, high-quality scribing/transcription services to help physicians reduce documentation overload and improve their three P’s – Productivity, Profitability, and Patient care! Scribe4Me – truly a one-stop destination for all your Medical Scribing and Transcription needs!

Our scribes are extensively trained across multiple medical disciplines, to cover medical overlap and ensure that every physician is paired with an experienced medical scribe/transcriptionist based on their medical specialty and EMR preferences. Equipped with HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure we make sure that the transcripts are subject to stringent quality control protocols to ensure high quality and accuracy.

We offer a wide array of robust services to help busy physicians reduce documentation overload and streamline their workflow. Our premium suite of services include

  • Transcription
  • Real-time Scribing
  • Offline Scribing
  • Auto Transcription &
  • Appointment Scheduler

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ScribeAmerica has been the nation’s largest and most advanced Medical Scribe Company for over 20 years, rendering services to over 3,500 clients across the US. It was founded in the year 2002 by Michael Murphy and Luis Moreno in Lancaster, California with a commitment to improve the delivery of care and quality of life for medical providers. Their main office has recently been relocated to a larger facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

ScribeAmerica exclusively designs, recruits, trains and manages medical scribe programs to perfectly match client’s specific needs. This ensures a comprehensive solution tailored to fit individual needs. Their scribe program provides rigorous training for individuals to accurately document patient encounters.

Their medical scribes are healthcare-focused and offer both In-person and Virtual TeleScribe services. They also take pride in publishing the first medical scribe textbook that serves as excellent training material, till date. To learn more about their services visit