Are you concerned about the privacy of your medical data? Of course, you will be. As a medical practitioner data security is a top-of-mind priority.  Any data breach could greatly ruin the reputation of your practice. So, if you are looking to outsource your medical transcription needs, choose a provider who is 100% HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA – what it is all about? Well, the full form of HIPAA is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It came into statute books in the year 1996 and makes it mandatory for healthcare providers to protect and safeguard healthcare information.

What is a HIPAA-compliant medical transcription company? Well, data security is an essential part of the healthcare industry. And a HIPAA-compliant medical transcription company knows that. As such, they strictly follow data security policies and procedures to guarantee secure and confidential transcription services. Simply put they meet HIPAA guidelines to ensure that your data remains – truly yours.

Wondering how medical data is safe with a HIPAA compliant medical transcription company? Well, when you opt for the services of a HIPAA compliant medical transcription company you can be assured of total data security in the following areas.

  • All computers and storage lockers are password protected
  • Data encrypted both at rest and in transit to prevent unauthorized access
  • Firewalls and antivirus software are available on all computers and are updated regularly.
  • All staff members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement
  • Staff members are duly trained in maintaining confidentiality and security
  • High grade CCTV cameras are installed in the facility to add to the surveillance system.
  • Security personnel are on duty 24/7 to keep trespassers out.
  • No floppy, disc or flash drive is permitted in and out of office, to ensure there is no privacy breach
  • HIPAA audits are performed on a regular basis by in-house HIPAA officers.
  • Regular workshops are conducted to keep the staff updated on the changes or additions to the existing HIPAA guidelines.
  • Frequent backups are done and data stored on a local storage device and at an offsite facility.

HIPAA medical transcription services are a great option for healthcare providers looking for a secure transcription of their medical data. So, when it comes to protecting patient data do not take any chances! A HIPAA-compliant medical transcription company gives you total peace of mind! Yes, with a HIPAA medical transcription service your PHI is in safe hands!

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