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The utilization of virtual medical scribe has gained popularity in recent years due to the increasing need for medical practices to reduce clinical documentation overload and improve productivity. In addition to their role in real-time documentation in electronic health records (EHRs), physicians are now hiring virtual scribes to handle medical coding responsibilities, as they see a close relationship between scribes and coders. This dual role of virtual scribes allows for simultaneous completion of documentation and coding tasks, ensuring real-time accuracy and efficiency. Let’s explore this concept further.

The dual role of virtual medical scribe

Virtual medical scribes assume a dual role, providing both documentation and coding support. Time constraints and the shortage of certified coders who stay up-to-date with coding and industry changes have compelled physicians to seek alternative solutions. Enter virtual medical scribes, who not only assist with note-taking and EHR documentation but also determine and enter the appropriate codes for medical billing purposes. Professional outsourcing companies offer coding training and certifications to equip virtual scribes for this crucial task. By assuming coding responsibilities, virtual scribes enable physicians to focus on patient care while ensuring timely and accurate reimbursements.

Quality charts and accurate coding

By integrating coding with clinical documentation in real-time, virtual scribes bring together two essential tasks. This approach saves significant time, energy, and stress by allowing one skilled personnel to handle both responsibilities. Virtual medical scribes are experts in accurate and detailed charting. This improved documentation quality ensures the most precise code assignment for reimbursements. In addition to providing high quality documentation, these scribes are rigorously trained to assign the correct ICD and CPT codes, which optimizes the billing process and streamlines revenue generation.

Saves time and cost

Using virtual medical scribes to handle coding responsibilities also, helps save time and operating costs for physician practices. Outsourcing partners hire and train virtual scribes to perform both documentation and coding tasks. Physicians no longer need to worry about hiring, training, and monitoring additional medical scribing or coding staff. During patient visits, virtual scribes can document the encounter and enter diagnostic and procedural codes simultaneously. This dual role of virtual scribes helps improve efficiency and reduces administrative burden.

Medical scribing and coding online training program

To ensure virtual scribes possess the necessary skills, professional outsourcing companies offer specialized training programs. An example of such a program is “The Medical Coding and Scribing Program,” which is available online. This program equips candidates with the skills needed for real-time documentation support during patient visits, as well as abstracting and coding medical records. Successful completion of the program ensures proficiency in documenting physician-patient encounters into EHRs in real-time and assigning relevant diagnostic and procedural codes for the reimbursement process.

The upshot

Virtual medical scribes are a cost-effective addition to physician practices. In addition to providing documentation assistance, they also assist in entering the correct codes for accurate billing. This plays a crucial role in medical claims. By hiring a virtual medical scribe, practices can achieve two objectives in a single approach: documenting physician-patient interactions and ensuring accurate coding to maintain consistency and accuracy in billing. Virtual medical scribes, with their specialized training lasting from three weeks to three months, can provide the necessary codes for billing procedures. Practices can benefit from the advantages of quality documentation and accurate coding by leveraging the combined expertise of virtual scribes with medical coding experience.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of this combined approach, consider incorporating a virtual scribe with medical coding experience into your practice. Get set to explore how having a virtual scribe with knowledge of medical coding can enhance billing accuracy.

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