The outbreak of the Covid -19 global pandemic has caused a huge surge in the use of telemedicine in order to limit human contact. Similarly, many healthcare practices across the globe have switched scribe participation from in-house to remote. Meaning, they have transitioned to virtual scribe services. Scribes virtually take part in telemedicine appointments to assist with documentation tasks and enhance physician-patient relationships. Furthermore, virtual scribe participation in telehealth appointments allowed physicians to spend more time talking with their patients, all while enhancing efficiency.

Need for telehealth services during Covid -19

Telemedicine is not something new. But the novel coronavirus brought telemedicine into the limelight. As virtual care has roughly doubled since the outbreak of Covid -19, it has added to healthcare providers’ already onerous EMR and administrative burdens. Well, how are physicians going to handle the increasing volume of patients seeking telemedicine, while also completing their mundane administrative and EHR-related tasks? It is here that the need for virtual medical scribes rose. Virtual scribes helped physicians with clinical charting during live office and telemedicine visits.

Need for virtual medical scribes during Covid -19

Covid-19’s transition to virtual care has led to a significant shift in the workflow of the scribe, paving the way for virtual scribing for telehealth services. Although doctors enjoy the comfort and ease of telehealth services, virtual care has considerably added to their already existing technological and administrative workload. This led to incorporating virtual scribe participation into telehealth services. In this way, virtual scribes provide invaluable services to many healthcare practices remotely, helping physicians to focus on patient care during telemedicine appointments.

Benefits of virtual scribe services

With virtual scribing services, the physician can focus entirely on patient care without having to shift their attention between listening to their patients and making notes. The one thing that makes this service very appealing is that it greatly reduces physician burnout. The virtual medical scribe comes with another added benefit. With Covid-19 social distancing measures to reduce contact between people, using a virtual scribe eliminates the risk of having another person in the exam room.

Benefits of telehealth services

You don’t have to go to the clinic and risk exposing yourself to the coronavirus. You get to see patients from the comfort and convenience of your home. With a telehealth monitoring system, you can keep track of all of your patients, even if they choose to see you from the comfort of their homes. This is helpful, particularly to monitor chronic conditions, physical symptoms, post-hospital care, etc., all by leveraging technology.

Get ready to take advantage of both telehealth services and virtual scribe services. When you avail of both telehealth services and virtual scribe services, you get to focus purely on caring for your patients in a manner that proves both efficient for you and beneficial for them.

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