Psychiatry is an important specialty where medical reports are ongoing, sensitive in nature, and are mostly in a narrative style. Furthermore, detailed psychiatric notes are crucial in order to diagnose and treat patients accurately and in a timely manner. But a great deal of psychiatrists’ valuable time is spent in documenting the psychiatry notes, thereby obstructing them, to provide proper care for the patients. To ease their burden comes in the psychiatry transcription services.

Why opt for psychiatry transcription services?

The psychiatrist has to focus fully on the patient to get every bit of information and carefully document it in order to make the correct diagnosis and initiate the right treatment. Examining the patient, jotting down the notes, and listening in to what the patient is saying could be a little overwhelming for the psychiatrist. It is here the need for psychiatry transcription service kicks in. Professional transcription companies have a team of proficient medical transcription experts on staff.  These people are thoroughbred professionals in the psychiatry specialty. They are knowledgeable in medical terminologies, techniques, therapies, and medications used in the treatment of mental health illnesses, to provide accurate and timely reports all abiding by HIPAA regulations.

Benefits of a professional approach

  • Professional psychiatry transcription services have skilled transcriptionists who are well-versed in the medical terminologies related to diagnostic and treatment procedures. Meaning they are capable of accurately documenting everything from the initial evaluations to history taking, physical examinations, consultation notes, progress notes and discharge summaries.
  • The narratives vary greatly in psychiatry. Psychiatric clinical notes are different from other specialties as they include more of longer narratives instead of standard medical terms and phrases. Their notes also include a lot of medical jargon and slang. Psychiatry-specific transcriptionists are highly experienced in handling this.
  • When it comes to psychiatry specialty, there are no fixed conditions or techniques. Every case is unique. This means the notes drastically differ in each case and calls for professional specialty-specific transcription services.
  • Being sensitive and ongoing in nature this specialty calls for experienced and trained medical transcriptionists to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
  • Psychiatric patients share sensitive and intimate details. Since the data is considered strictly confidential, abiding by HIPAA regulations is a must. Professional transcription companies strictly adhere to the HIPAA rules.

As a psychiatrist, maintaining accurate and complete records while also giving the time and attention your patient needs could be challenging. With a reliable and reputable transcription company to take care of your medical reports, you don’t have to worry about documenting detailed notes. Psychiatry transcription service providers transcribe accurate and expeditious psychiatry reports, and deliver them on time, allowing you to focus on – just your patients.

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