Being a healthcare provider means living a busy life. Between saving lives, diagnosing complex medical conditions, and patient counseling, they always have to keep pace with a busy schedule that never really slows down. But that is not all. They have to deal with a mountain of paperwork on a daily basis. This is where the Medical Transcription services popped in the scenario. They do more than just provide a service – they help ease the burden of the healthcare professionals as they continue to focus entirely on patient care.

What is Medical Transcription?      

Medical Transcription is simply the process of documenting the physician-patient encounter in detail. A medical transcriptionist listens to the audio files recorded by healthcare professionals and converts them into a text format. This format can be printed and kept in the patient file and/or can be retained in the electronic format itself.

The Medical Transcription process

The key steps involved in the process of Medical Transcription are as follows

  • Dictation: Once the patient visit is over, the physician would dictate the patient notes and treatment details discussed, into a digital recording device. However, with the current advanced technology, these dictations can also be done through secure smartphone apps. If you are a busy physician looking for efficiency and simplicity our Scribe4Me and Record4Me apps would be the easiest way to dictate clinical notes.
  • Secure transfer: The medical dictations are then uploaded directly to the service provider’s encrypted and secure server.
  • Transcription: The Medical Transcriptionist listens to the dictated notes and converts them into accurate transcripts formatted exactly the way it should be. They listen with the help of a headphone and use a foot pedal to control the dictation playback – to easily play, rewind, fast forward, or pause as need be.
  • Quality control: The transcripts then pass through a three step quality assurance process before they are sent to the providers to ensure consistent quality and accuracy. At this stage they also make sure that the transcribed reports are in the requested format.
  • Delivery: Once the transcripts have successfully passed the final quality control checkpoint, delivery is initiated. The files are then directly uploaded to a secure server.

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