Medical Scribing is becoming increasingly popular as the majority of doctors’ offices and hospitals have transitioned from paper to electronic documentation. With the help of Medical Scribing services, doctors are able to spend less time at their computers and focus more on what really matters – caring for their patients. Yes, Medical Scribing can alleviate the burden of documentation work, while improving the level of patient care. No wonder Medical Scribing is regarded as the backbone of the modern healthcare system.

Let us now discuss the two types of Medical Scribing services we offer and how they differ from each other.

Live Medical Scribing

The Live Medical Scribing services provide live data entry into the EMR. The virtual scribes are connected to the exam room remotely through a secure HIPAA compliant VOIP. They listen and transcribe the physician-patient encounter and enter all the relevant data into the EMR, in real-time. After the patient leaves the exam room the doctor reviews the charts with the virtual scribe, makes any edits if needed, and then signs off. Each physician is assigned an experienced virtual scribe to work with. The virtual scribes are highly trained in various medical disciplines and to work on any EMR platform.

Offline Medical Scribing

This is a type of remote scribing service specially designed for those physicians who review patient charts the following day. This means that the scribes do not do the documentation in real-time. There are many apps available today that allow physicians to record their patient encounters and securely share them. The designated scribe listens to the doctor-patient interactions and enters all pertinent information into the EHR. Once the document is ready for review the physician will receive a notification. The scribes are highly trained to ensure accuracy and are also comfortable working with any type of EHR software.

Now that you have a clear picture of what Live Medical Scribing and Offline Medical Scribing are about and how they differ, you will know which service to choose that best suits your requirement and practice.

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