India has fast emerged as the back-office hub for a wide range of healthcare services. Wondering how? Well, Indian healthcare service providers are equipped with avant-garde technology, a great deal of healthcare know-how, and the best software to render services that are in line with global healthcare standards. Most importantly, India is one of the few countries that provide high-quality healthcare services at unbelievably low costs. 

The following are some of the benefits that healthcare providers enjoy in outsourcing healthcare services to India.

  • Incredible cost savings: The most compelling reason for a medical practice to outsource is to cut costs. And choosing to outsource healthcare services to India ensures tremendous cost savings. It can help save 30% to 60% of the cost that will be incurred when done with local resources. In addition, the quality of their services is high, thus ensuring that low cost doesn’t imply low quality.
  • Highly-skilled labor: India takes pride in having a skilled workforce and the world’s largest English-speaking population. Yes, there is absolutely no shortage of skilled manpower. Outsourcing healthcare services ensures that work is handled by highly qualified and skilled professionals. The workforce is also custom trained to the skills, language and, accent preferences of the client.
  • Save on operational costs: You need not invest in setting up the infrastructure or purchase expensive equipment, software, or technology. You also don’t have to spend on hiring and training new employees as well as providing them with healthcare and other benefits. Outsourcing frees physicians of mundane administrative tasks, allowing them to practice to the top of their license.
  • Take the time zone advantage: Take the advantage of the time zone difference to ensure uninterrupted work. Get your job done while you’re closed for the day. For e.g., if the healthcare practices send in their jobs in the afternoon (US time) the service provider will complete the work and have it delivered first thing in the morning. In short, the time zone advantage makes the workflow process highly favorable.
  • Data safety and security: Healthcare data security is a serious issue. Outsourcing healthcare services to India ensures absolute data safety and security. They not only undertake to sign a contract of confidentiality, but also ensure proper handling of data in compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Updated on regulatory changes: The rules and regulations related to the healthcare industry keep changing.  The healthcare outsourcing service providers keep themselves well informed of the regulatory changes in the healthcare sector. They also keep their staff updated on the changes or additions to the existing regulations. This will help you stay atop and stress-free.

Many healthcare providers are looking for outsourced solutions to focus purely on their core task – patient care. Remember, outsourcing is a top business trend. Be smart and outsource your needs – anything from data entry to medical claims processing. You will start to notice a remarkable growth in your productivity and revenue!

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