We all know that the right tools and equipment used for any job yields the best results. So, when employing a generic tool one can expect the outcome to be generic only. This holds true for the EMR software, too. By using pediatric EMR software specially designed to meet the demands of childhood medicine, you can provide the best possible care. The reason being, they are built with top-notch bespoke features to fit the workflows of a pediatric specialty.

Now let us see the astounding benefits of implementing a pediatric-specific EMR.

  • Proper immunization records: Helps keep track of the various vaccinations that are administered throughout a child’s life to protect against various preventable diseases. Some EMRs are so intelligent that they send notification alerts on impending vaccines and even generate automated reminder letters to patients and practices as well.
  • Pediatric patient portal: The pediatric patient portal is an easy and convenient way to facilitate communication between physicians and patients.  It enables parents to access and print their child’s health and immunization records, lab results, and prescriptions. The patient portal assists physicians in streamlining their clinical workflow while also enhancing the patient experience and satisfaction.
  • Facilitates growth charts: The pediatric EMR incorporates a special feature that uses patient information like height, weight, and BMI to automatically generate growth charts at various phases of the child’s physical growth and development.
  • Weight-based medication dosing: The pediatric EMR has a built-in pediatric dose calculator which determines the infant/child medicine dosage based on the body weight, BSA, or age. This feature helps to avoid contradictions and also ensures that the right dosage is prescribed. This is an effective strategy to prevent medication errors.
  • Faster charting: The pediatric-specific EMR has pre-set templates for different ailments for children, from birth to adolescence. This allows the physicians to document the patient visit quickly and efficiently.
  • No more missed appointments: It comes with an inbuilt appointment reminder that allows the pediatricians to send automated appointment reminders through calls, emails or, text messages. This is a great way to eliminate patient “no-shows’.
  • Lab management: It facilitates easy and safe tracking of lab results. Once the results are ready, the pediatrician will receive a notification alert. The results can also be filed quickly onto the patient’s charts. In addition, you can also easily print or fax the lab results.
  • Get instant alerts: One of the greatest benefits of pediatric EMR is getting instant notification alerts related to vaccinations reminders, medication dosages, and probable adverse drug reactions. This helps to improve patient safety by reducing the likelihood of medication errors.
  • Family profile: The pediatric EMR allows you to create and maintain a complete family profile. This helps to monitor the patient and make any treatment decision with reference to family medical history. It also facilitates easy retrieval of data related to the family’s past medical history, current medical conditions, and any allergic reactions to medications.

Each and every healthcare facility needs tools, resources, and equipment to suit its specialty. A pediatric clinic is no exception. A pediatrician’s workflows also require certain specific tools in addition to the generic ones.  Hence, it is crucial to have a robust pediatric specialty EMR in place to streamline the clinical workforce.

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