Medical scribing is one of the most exciting and lucrative careers. Well, if you have decided to take up a medical scribe job, hats off to you!  You’ve made a perfect choice! But before you move ahead you need to know about the different types of medical scribe jobs available out there. Apart from that, you also need to gain an understanding of how each job position plays an important role in providing invaluable medical scribe services.

  • Entry-level medical scribe: This is an entry-level job position for those intending to set their foot in the medical industry. Most scribing companies require that the scribe recruited for this entry level job holds the position for a minimum of one year in the case of a full-time job and two years in the case of a part-time job. The great thing about this entry-level position is you do not require any previous clinical experience and exposure. Most of the scribing companies provide a paid training to equip them to work in a clinical setting. Generally, an entry-level medical scribe’s salary differs from state to state. However, the national average is $20,000 per annum.
  • Medical scribe trainer: If you have relevant experience as a medical scribe and wish to gain more knowledge and skills a medical scribe trainer is a great fit for you. There are two types of medical scribe trainers.
  • The first type is a certified scribe trainer. They are responsible for conducting and coordinating scribe training sessions for those newly hired. Depending on the nature of the company, this position may require frequent traveling. Usually, a certified scribe trainer earns roughly about $13 to $14 per hour.
  • The next type is the on-site trainer scribe. This type of scribe trainer is usually a current medical scribe who closely observes and assesses a trainee on-site throughout the entire day. An on-site scribe trainer directly reports to a chief scribe who also provides valuable suggestions on the trainee’s progress. The average salary an on-site trainer scribe earns is approximately $10 per hour.
  • Chief Scribe: The chief scribe is an experienced scribe who undertakes the sole responsibility of supervising the other medical scribes. They are in charge of both clinical and administrative duties. A chief scribe generally leads a team of scribes in a medical facility. Apart from the duties of a medical scribe, they provide administrative support, conduct performance appraisals, and also deal with minor HR problems that may arise from time to time. To become a chief scribe one must have served as a full-time medical scribe for at least a year. A chief scribe’s salary is approximately $26,000 per annum.
  • Project leader: The role of a project leader is highly challenging but at the same time rewarding too. They are responsible for the smooth implementation of the scribe programs. A project leader also undertakes to recruit, train and manage a team of new medical scribes. They also conduct leadership meetings, implement new contracts at hospitals and continue to provide guidance to the new medical scribes. Junior-level project leaders make approximately $41,000 to $53,000 per annum and senior-level project leaders make up to $ 100, 000 per annum.

Medical scribing jobs offer a lucrative salary with excellent career growth opportunities. If you have decided to take up a medical scribe job remember there is a lot of room to grow in this field. Yes, you’re off to a great start ahead in your career in the medical field.

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